Welcome To Drago MMA

Peter "Drago" SellĀ is an American mixed martial artist specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has a black belt under teacher and fellow mixed martial artist Matt Serra and has trained extensively under striking coach Ray Bronx Longo. A member of the Serra-Longo Fight Team, Sell formerly fought at both Middleweight & Welterweight in the UFC.

During his fighting tenure he was the ROC Middleweight Champion. His fighting style is known as agrressive and exciting. So much so as he was honored twice with Fight of the Night bonuses.

At Drago MMA, everyone is welcome. From beginners to specialists, there is no one that is not fit to join Drago MMA. The professionalism that Pete has displayed through his years in the ring and as a coach and trainer is what makes his personal training so welcoming.